Heal Yourself through the Five Senses

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Deepak Chopra, M.D

Source: Tathaastu Magazine

In this very moment you are seamlessly connected to the cosmos. The same deep intelligence that streams through the rivers flows through your bloodstream, and the same breath that nourishes your cells animates the life of a rainforest. Although it may seem like you are separate from the world “out there,” in reality your body and the universe are made up of the same molecules, obey the same principles, and are inextricably connected.

More than 5,000 years ago, the Vedic sages of India understood what quantum physicists are just beginning to recognize: we are all part of an infinite field of intelligence that orchestrates all of the activities in the universe. With every breath, we exchange our personal energy with the energy of the universe, and we are constantly taking in impressions via the five sense organs – the ears, skin, eyes, tongue, and nose.

In Ayurveda, sensory impressions are considered crucial to health. Just as the food we eat creates our bodily tissues, our sensory impressions determine the quality of our thoughts and emotions. If we want greater physical and emotional well-being, we can use sounds, feelings, sights, tastes, and smells to balance and heal ourselves. Here are a few suggestions that you can use in your own daily routine, using the tools of the five senses to awaken your inner pharmacy.

Sound Therapy

Every sound has a physiological effect. When you listen to a beautiful piece of music or inspirational words, a cascade of pleasure-producing chemicals course through your body, supporting health and wholeness. In contrast, studies of urban environments show that people subjected to ongoing noise pollution are more likely to suffer from stress and lowered immune function.

Ayurveda recognizes that music is a valuable therapeutic tool for balance and healing. The specific sounds that will benefit you most depend a great deal on your mind-body type, known as your dosha in Ayurveda. It is also important to simply tune in to your body and discover which sounds are healing and inspiring for you. If you feel refreshed, joyful, and alert, the music is working.

Healing Sights

The visual impressions you take in have a surprisingly profound effect on your mind, body and emotions. Watching violent movies or television shows triggers your body’s stress response, creating jittery cells and suppressing the immune system. In contrast, looking at peaceful or beautiful images creates a cascade of soothing neurochemicals in the body. Surrounding yourself with images that uplift your spirit is as important for your health as nutritious food. Spending time in nature is healing for your mind, body, and soul. When you view a gorgeous sunset, look into the eyes of your beloved, or see a magnificent painting, you cultivate the power of your inner pharmacy.


The most primitive of the senses, smell connects us directly with our memories, emotions, and instincts. When we smell something, we are actually absorbing some of its molecules, making aromatherapy a form of natural medicine. Here are some specific suggestions for balancing fragrances:

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Raw Organic: Up, Close, and Personal

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contributed by norm breaker, Jaqui Karr

Let’s start with the bad news: you are full of toxins. If you are reading this, it means you aren’t living in a remote mountain village in Tibet and just by the air you breathe and water you shower with, you are full of toxins.

The good news: raw organic foods detoxify. I don’t mean juice fasts and detoxes at retreat camps; I mean satisfying, flavorful, decadent, sinful, stunningly beautiful raw gourmet food. But don’t let the word gourmet intimidate, it can be simple. Gourmet in my world just means “more than lettuce and a beet”.

When people start talking about raw food, they generally talk about enzymes, which are terrific, but when you get up close and personal, there’s so much more to it than that. Sprouts are a perfect example and let me tell you why (any variety, alfalfa, baby onion, mustard seed):

1) They are a living bio-genic food which means they strongly support the regeneration of cells in your body

2) They contain something most foods don’t have: oxygen (2 time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warbur said he found cancer cells to be initiated by lack of oxygen)

3) They are an alkaline food and do a terrific job of raising our body’s alkaline level

4) They contain chlorophyll, which helps purify your blood and flush out harmful toxins

5) They provide EFA’s (essential fatty acids), fiber and a whole array of other vitamins and minerals (which vary from variety to variety of sprouts, so keep alternating!)

This is an extremely power packed food with such few calories, low on the glycemic index, and incredibly easy to incorporate into meals every day. Throw them into green smoothies, salads, chop them up over soups, layer into raw lasagna, and even layer into your regular sandwiches. This brings me to my next point, that you you don’t have to be 100% raw to reap the benefits. Obviously, the more raw you are the better, but it is a huge step for most people and definitely takes a major lifestyle adjustment. So what does adding raw to a generally decent, but not 100% perfect, diet mean? It means you tip the scale in your favor and improve your odds. Just in the example of sprouts you see what incredible benefits there are; so now imagine having five more or ten more raw foods every day all with a distinct array of qualities of their own. All with various nutrients, all with built in detoxifiers that target various types of toxins – some will break down plaque, some will neutralize free radicals, some will balance pH levels, bring cholesterol down, and on and on this list goes.

I mentioned plaque and I’m sure almost everyone connected that to plaque in the arteries and risks of strokes. While that is one the biggest concerns in the developed world, did you know that plaque also accumulates in the villi of the intestines (decreasing nutrient absorption) as well as in the brain (increases risks to Alzheimer’s). Plaque in the brain is called amyloyd plaque and even if the damage doesn’t extend to the extreme of Alzheimer’s, it can cause depression, brain fog, memory loss, lack of ability to concentrate. The studies are ongoing but so far turmeric is said to help decrease amyloyd plaque. As for plaque in the intestines: all raw food, particularly greens and foods rich in fiber, help to carry toxic accumulations away and maintain a healthy environment throughout the entire body, villi included.

While I would need to write an entire book on all the health issues our bodies face along with the raw foods that specifically counter each, there’s a shorter way to cover the topic, three words: eat more raw.

Vary what you eat; having a green salad once a day with lunch or dinner doesn’t cut it. You need to eat a huge array of fruits and vegetables because they all do different things and the truth is, science will never be able to catch up to the genius of food & nature, so we’ll never even really know everything there is to know. Based on the surface we have scratched, we know that each food has its own individual make up and basic logic and math says that the more we eat, the more of all these different components we absorb.

A great trick is to use the rainbow method of shopping for food; try to incorporate as many colors into your diet as possible. From my ebook titled “NakedFood”, here’s an excerpt to help you shop:

GREEN: collards, kale, avocado, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts, parsley, purslane, chards, dandelion,  watercress, rapini,  all sprouts

RED: cherry, cranberry, pomegranate, raspberry, tomato, beet, watermelon, cabbage, grapes

ORANGE: sweet potato, cantalope, mango, orange, apricot, carrot, pumpkin

BLUE: sea vegetables, blueberries, blackberries, eggplant, plums

YELLOW: bell pepper, pineapple, lemon, squash

WHITE:  coconut, onion

You can see from this tiny sampler list how easy it is to incorporate colors into your diet – and I have listed only very common foods accessible to all. We can of course get lychee (white), noni (red), coronation blue grapes,     common or exotic, more color = more nutrients = better health.

A final thought: don’t let our modern lifestyle and disconnection from real food sway you; raw food is as close to nature as we can get and shouldn’t feel intimidating. Do a little research; find some recipes that appeal to you – there are hundreds of recipes with pictures on my NakedFood facebook page alone, never mind the thousands all over the internet. Experiment, enjoy, and before you know it you will wonder why you weren’t eating more raw before. Given that your irreplaceable body has no plan B if it wears out, can you afford not to?

About the author:

Jaqui Karr is founder of NakedFood, Canada. A Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Vegan Dietician, Author, Professional Speaker; Karr’s expertise goes beyond basic nutrition – her focus is on optimum health, overall wellness, balance, and preventative medicine in a raw organic manner. Her style is simple and practical, easily accessible, immediately applicable, making it possible to enjoy your best health ever while enjoying truly decadent food that is magazine worthy.  Jaqui is author of “NakedFood: 40 Raw Food Recipes, 80 Variations, 1 Healthier You”. Visit her at http://www.NakedFood.ca

Detoxifying Mind and Body

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Contributed by Norm Breaker, Misa Derhy

Summer time is coming to an end and autumn is not far away. It is the time when we start to get ready for the new school year and for the last quarter in our jobs. Summer time was supposed to be- and hopefully was – a time of relaxation, recharging of energy for our body and soul.  While resting on a beach with the family or discovering new places with friends, the mind,  body and soul have a chance to rejuvenate.

However there is often what is called a “Holiday paradox”. In the season of healthy fruits and  vegetables we indulge ourselves with junk food at airports and gas stations during our trips. The ice cream and french fries in the fast food restaurants, coupled with heavy food and alcohol during the friends summer dinner  parties can wreak havoc in the body.  Sometimes it means additional stress from the tension with our loved ones, arguments that we were sweeping under the carpet for months. Who  has ever been through the endless family dinner with creamy sauce, wine and big fight at the end of it?

End of summer (August/September)   is the season of Lord Ganesha.  It entails a celebration in India, Ganesh Chaturthi. He is worshiped as a God of new beginnings, removing obstacles and he brings good fortune.

We can follow this tradition and apply it to our health. We can consider the season of autumn as a new beginning where we set our intention to improve our health, which is our good fortune.  In addition, when we detox our body and mind, all obstacles are removed because we are at our best.

Body and mind are interconnected. We can clearly see how the pain in our body  can plunge us  into a foul mood and the world seems to be dark and painful place. We probably notice less that when we are living with dark thoughts, after time our body gets affected too. Let’s go a little more in depth with the body and mind science:


Lets speak first about detoxification of our body. This does not mean one has to eat or live for days on juices and herbal tea.  Detoxification is a commitment to get rid of toxins from our body and from our mind by the awareness and consciousness of what we put into it.

According to Ayurveda, each one of us is a unique mix of three doshas, Vata, Pita and Kapha. They are body/mind principles and they determine our physical and mental characteristics, generally speaking and in any given moment. When I first learnt about Vata, Pita and Kapha , I started to understand whythe salad was making me feel well one day and not well other day and why my husband loves the hot soup and I need it just warm. The food we eat increases or decreases the doshas.  From this perspective,  food is medicine or poison, depending on how we use it! Detox can be done as high awareness of what we are eating, when and why. There are a few golden rules that can make us always feel better:

  • Raw fruits instead of sugary food. Green vegetables  instead of french fries and any other creamy oily food . Less meat, or ideally no meat.  If that’s not possible, then try white meat or fish. Avoid using white flour and go for  whole grain breads, whole grain pastas and brown rice. Get rid of the food and drinks that you feel are not making you feel good. When you listen to your body, it usually tells you what it really needs. The screaming cravings for ice-cream or sweets does not come really from the body, it is more out emotions or  a need for comfort.
  • Drink plenty of water. We need water as we are made of it! But I also remember my Ayurvedic doctor telling me that with all the green tea, water, soup and watermelon I was eating, I completely destroyed my digestive fire (pita imbalance). So again, listen to your body carefully. Golden rules are again clear: no sodas, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol. You don’t have to cut it all out of your diet  in one day. Try it over the course of a month and feel happy and well for one month.

Yoga teaches us to do everything in moderation. It is true about  detoxing as well. If we cut out all unhealthy food from our diet, we can induce a kind of shock in ourselves just in the moment when we need the balance and energy for our “new beginning”. So focus on one or two things that you feel are the most important for you and for your body right now. Are you a junk food addict? Go for more veggies and fruits. Are you sugar addict? Try to cut it progressively.

One bottle of beer or other alcohol drink per night ? Reduce…till you are on zero alcohol per day.

If you cut sugar, saturated fat and alcohol in your diet, you will feel immediately better. You increase fruits, veggiess, whole grain,  and nuts on your plate and the “feeling good” is guaranteed.


How much time per day do you spend on chewing what others think about you? What you are craving for?  How do you cultivate your jealousy and envy? How many times per day do you dwell on the past or  get anxious because of the future?

Worry will  drain you of your energy. It is like an open tap of water. Bad days become bad weeks, then months and years and all that negativity will make you sick.

It is because  negative thinking consumes a huge amount of our vital energy. The low vibration of negativity is draining us, eating us inside and pushing  people away from us. Did you ever meet somebody or sit near somebody that you felt immediately like changing your seat? Remember: Positive people attract others, negative people don’t!

Think also about our beauty. What’s the point to spend hours at the hairdresser and stylist before a party if we want to only make others jealous?

There is no make-up and no Botox that can help the envy and jealousy we harbor in our hearts.  Beauty is really only skin-deep.

For the healthy living, start to detox your thinking. Easy to say, more difficult to do. My yoga teacher explain it in 3 words:


First, we have to ACCEPT whatever is hurting us. We will not and cannot change others, or the past.

Then we have to work on FORGIVENESS. Sit, breath, and try to let go. It will not happen immediately, but eventually it will!

And when it happens, we create space for LOVE. This is the state where we are in healthy zone.

Recently, I came to the point that I accepted that my parents divorced. I needed more than 20 years for it, but I did. Then I worked on forgiveness. It took some time, some pain and tears too. Now, I am re-learning to love them and myself as we are.

If we can accept, forgive and love, first us and then others, there is no reason for negative thoughts and negative emotions draining our vitality out of our system. We preserve our health inside and outside.

One of the ways to achieve the balance is yoga, combining the physical asana and meditation. Stretching our body we stretch our mind and while working on physical blocks, the mental blocks are slowly melting too.

If you did not try yet, it may be the moment. Let September be the month of your health.  Detox your body and detox your mind! Balance your heart and mind.  And remember, Lord Ganesha is removing the obstacles right now!

About the author:

Misa Derhy is a yogini and is based in Europe. She has lived in more than 10 countries until now! Misa embrace the change in her life with open arms and utilized it to learn something new. While her stay in India, she underwent intense training of Yoga. Now, she is spreading message of yoga in Europe, and also organizing yoga retreats in India. http://soulretreats.wordpress.com


Remaining Calm in the Eye of the Storm

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contributed by Norm Breaker, Jessica Taylor

You cannot appreciate the tranquility of a calm sea until you have been in the eye of a raging storm. Sometimes in life you arrive at situations that can shake your foundation and object to every comfort you have known. It is really during times like this when your character is challenged and inevitably, changed.  Life can be unfair and unexpected, at times, but it is essential to face whatever crisis you have attracted into your life and come out stronger…lessons learned. It is when the storm is raging that you have the greatest lessons to learn and mostly about yourself.  The key is to remember that you cannot control your circumstances but you always have complete power over your own thoughts and actions.

The anecdote to any crisis of life is to always remain in a calm, non-reactive state. When any form of intensity comes your way, whether from another person or from the conditions of life, you simply do not react. That not only brings a level of peace to the situation, but  also allows an opportunity for attracting positive conditions.  Words are powerful and have tremendous impact, whether positive or negative.  And, once words are spoken, they are out there…not to be taken back.  The same goes for actions, which are impossible to undo! When you react negatively to a negative situation, you are essentially handing over your power to negativity and the outcome will most definitely be negative.  Reactions arise from a place that is usually defensive and instinctual based on how you handled a similar situation in your past. Use your energy instead to respond.  Before exerting a drop of your energy, stop… take a few deep breaths, take an inventory of your emotions and thoughts existing in the present, then respond accordingly.  Responding allows your mind to be open and alert, allowing you to trust yourself to recognize what’s happening in the now, both offensively and defensively.

Always, a calm response and action to a “negative” situation will reveal an overflow of positive events related to the original circumstance. This is the illusive miracle of life that has been currently lost to our outer perceptions!  When you encounter an external obstacle in life,  look within yourself and discover an opportunity for incredible inner growth and transformation. When you take the effort to acknowledge that potential for growth, outer problems dissolve and new opportunities emerge.  And, riding the waves of the storm will absolutely teach you invaluable life lessons! Whether or not you are aware of this or willing to accept it, you attracted this situation into your life for a reason…to acquire some hidden knowledge about who you are and what you are made of.  Instead of panicking and splashing around, learn how to navigate the rough terrain and you will emerge from it all the more wiser and stronger.

To be calm and non-reactive is the optimum way to live your life. It enables right perception, being virtually undisturbed by the progressions of life, and allows for right decision making, which paves a way towards genuine happiness and success. Remaining calm aims for better health,  more quality interactions with others and a finer attunement to the unspoken language of the Universe.  Greater opportunities and possibilities will unfold for you as you come to know the flow of the sea of life.

Oh worries, I have a God!

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contributed by Norm Breaker, Anchal Mahajan

All kids love being thrown in the air and getting caught. They love the time when their daddy lifts them, twirl them, swing them upside down in their arms and toss them in the air. These activities bring endless laughter and non-stop good cheer to them. Rather than having the fear of falling, kids find it as a fun game. So, did we ever wonder why? The reason is that little children know very well that their daddy won’t ever drop them. As they start growing, gradually with time they enter a phase, where trust and belief banishes fear and doubt. Fear of falling or being dropped is replaced by the blind faith they develop towards their parents.

We all are children of the Almighty. We all are living under the divine shadow which is indeed the most protected place in the cosmos. God does feel concerned when we have to face hard times. Like all parents he too wants us to learn, to bloom, to grow and to prosper. When there is a trouble brewing in our lives, it doesn’t mean God is asleep; rather he is making us strong, as he has greater plans for us than we can ever imagine. So why can’t we place the same trust in God like those little ones enjoying the toss in the air?

There are many issues in our everyday life that cause us to worry. Factors like meeting deadlines at work, adequate healthcare, family issues, job security, or children’s lifestyle, can blind us with worry. Where does this worry lead our minds to? Doubt, fear and worry paralyze our minds and no matter how much we bite our nails about the problem, such restless mind can never reach a solution. In these circumstances many start doubting God’s existence and often our faith gets shaken.

Here, I would like to narrate a wonderful story which I heard from my guru recently. Some time ago an old woman went to visit her guru at his ashram. The guru was delighted to see her after a long time but he noticed a remarkable change in the woman’s behavior. Later in the evening he asked her, “Is something bothering you my child?” The woman didn’t answer. Guru sat silently near her and waited for her response. After a while the woman said “Guru ji, I am very worried!” The woman told him about her son who is planning to get married. She told him “Each day Guruji I pray to God to bless me with a daughter-in law who should take care of me in old age, who should treat me well, and shouldn’t avoid my health issues”. Guru said “My child, you seem to be fit as a fiddle.”  The woman replied “Guru ji when I will turn old I will definitely face health problems like everyone and might also get mistreated by this new girl in the family .”

Guru thought for a while and then said

Chinta Aisee Dakini, Kat Kaleja Khaye
Vaid Bichara Kya Kare, Kahan Tak Dawa Lagaye

The woman looked puzzled. The guru replied “Poet Kabir in this Doha (couplet) says worry is like a bandit which will keep robbing one’s heart and eats up the inner peace till the time it resides there. Such discontented heart will create a lot of chaos in the mind and shall also destroy the vitality of the man. From where should the poor doctor get medicine for such disease?” The woman got edgy and said “Guruji I am not worrying over any trivial issue! God is not helping me and even you do not understand depth of my problem” Guru smiled, took a deep breath and said “I wish God doesn’t listen to this prayer.” Woman was flabbergasted!

The answer guru gave her at that point changed her life forever. He said “If you fear, your son’s wife won’t respect you, won’t take care of you in dark days. Do you know dear, negative thoughts always reap negative actions? When you think such terribly negative things, you automatically give more power to negativity. Even though the girl would turn out to be a wonderful lady, but your anxiety would keep reassuring you that you are being neglected as you always thought. My child, above all, worry has consumed your mind so badly that you are asking Lord to give you bad health because everyone is getting sick around you or so that your daughter in law should care for you? ” Woman got perplexed. She didn’t realize her worried mind was praying for her own ill health and sorrow. The woman understood she didn’t trust God’s wisdom and will; instead she was asking something awful for her family. She felt guilty for doubting the power of Holy Spirit. Guru went inside the ashram and left her with the lesson.

Dean Hawkes, a renowned British academic has said; “Half the worry in the world is caused by people trying to make decisions before they have sufficient knowledge on which to base a decision.” Only a mind free of anxiety can make a right judgment. By worrying we don’t just hamper our minds growth but also create negative vibes for our family and friends. A worried husband shall make his wife too upset and gradually his kids would get affected by the negative ambiance in the house. The cycle of spreading these dark forces is slow but very long lasting, as getting worried also becomes a habit or an addiction in many cases.

Worry wears away our faith in God and his plans. Claiming in front of millions of people that we trust our Supreme Lord is as easy as pie, but when we have to struggle through our own challenges, we often loose our heads. It’s a cinch to talk about believing in God; however the real test comes when we are asked to keep our faith during tough times.

In life often things never work out the way we want them to but things always work out in the end. We need to have faith to our core in the Creator of this cosmos. Rather than letting worry attack us, we should always be on the brink to nullify the worry. We need to identify the reason for worry at an early stage, pray to God, place our trust in his plan, and enjoy the ride of life. For such calmness we should practice meditation. Meditation nurtures our heart and mind; also enables us to enjoy God’s presence. Then the next time we are in a dilemma, we don’t need to tell ourselves, “Oh God! I have worries!” rather we should smile and say, “Oh worries! I have a God!”

Increasing sexual repression: call for transformation.

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contributed by Chandresh Bhardwaj

Imagine that you are watching a movie with young kids and a war scene is playing. Now imagine the situation with the same young kids but instead of a war scene, a lovemaking scene is playing. In which situation would you ask those kids to turn their eyes away from the TV? Most likely it would be when the lovemaking scene is going on, right? If that’s the case, you are not alone.

There are many people around the world who turn kids’ eyes away when they see a lovemaking scene playing on TV, but surprisingly, the same people don’t mind when those kids are spending half their day watching horror movies and playing violent video games, which depict killing and essentially devalue human life.

What is surprising is that kids are not allowed to watch something which shows an expression of love, yet they are allowed to watch something which depicts hatred and violence. The act of sex celebrates love and brings people into the world, while the other is aimed at killing humans and propagates hatred. People love to see a man dying on the battlefield but act like they can’t tolerate watching a woman make love in a passionate manner, even though it is often a guilty pleasure.

We need to understand that by repressing sex, we are making ourselves more sexually obsessed. Do you ever wonder why Playboy is one of the bestselling magazines or why the pornographic industry is a billion dollar business? It’s all because sex has always been repressed.

D.H. Lawrence, a famous English writer, says, “Pornography is the attempt to insult sex, to do dirt on it.” Secretly watching porno films or daydreaming about sex all day shows how sexually sick we have become. The consequence of sexual repression results in the large number of teenage pregnancies every year. These teenagers are being taught so-called ‘sex education’, which creates more curiosity and fascination about sex. The reason is simple: We are always attracted to something that we are advised to stay away from. It doesn’t matter what it is, we just want to experience the pleasure of breaking the rules. This is why abstinence-only sex education doesn’t work.

Another problem is that we all think we know what sex is. Our definition of sex is limited to having fun and satisfying our physical desires. However, sex is much more than that. It’s a completely different phenomenon.

Sex has always been misunderstood for lust. You have sex just because you want to get to that “next step” in your relationship or simply because you are “old enough” to have it. In reality, sex should be a celebration of love. It’s an act that does not need any planning. If it is happening out of love, you will see that it happens automatically. You have your first experience of bliss during those wonderful moments.

On the other hand, when sex comes out of lust, it’s often nothing like your daydreams. One can’t grow as a human being if his or her mind is not developed well enough about sexual energy. The matureness is needed mentally, not just physically. Be aware that sexual energy is as good as any other emotion of life if understood properly, and as bad as any other activity if misused or not understood properly. The key is to transform it with understanding rather than repressing it, always.

You hit me Once, I hit you back!

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contributed by Norm Breaker, Anchal Mahajan

There is a famous reality show on a popular Indian music channel, based on the idea; ‘get revenge in a bloody cool way.’ The concept of the show is that jilted lovers arrange for their ex-lover to be ‘damned for the day’ and undergo torturous pranks, in retaliation for cheating on them or dumping them. The broken hearted partner experiences great joy in witnessing their ex-lover suffering or getting ripped off.  For the heartsick lover it seems justified to make their ex-lover taste the bitterness of hellfire. (aka eternal damnation) Thus, the conventional mantra is, you strike me once; I will strike you back twice!

We all have virtuous qualities as well as some rather gross qualities within us. Human beings are vengeful by nature. It would be wrong to say that we have become more violent and vindictive because we are living in Kalyug (The Dark Age). Mughal emperors from the East, to the Nazis from the West, George Bush from the Superpower nation, right down to Osama Bin Laden from the third world country; ‘everyone’ chose revenge over mercy.

Quoting lyrics of a popular song by Florence and the Machine; “You hit me once, I hit you back. You gave a kick, I gave a slap”. The song illustrates the fact that we all have the seed of retaliation inside us. We all, at times, desire to seek revenge from people who have back-stabbed or hoodwinked us. In this way, we become ruthless and give birth to negative emotions, thoughts and eventually actions.

Often revenge creates a vicious cycle and is carried out by later generations like in the case of Japanese Samurais. Unfortunately, it is basic human instinct to want to seek revenge on those who have wronged you.  If you don’t retaliate, you could be labeled a wimp because, due to popular belief, it is justified to tear down those who have wronged you.

But the crucial questions are; does revenge calm our nerves down forever? Will we get freedom from our grief stricken agony? Will we experience bliss or the feeling of deep satisfaction? For a short time, undoubtedly, we might feel ecstatic with joy but in a long run, we would still feel uneasy. We would feel crushed between the twinge of cheating and the sweetness of revenge.

Chinese philosopher Confucius has said, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”  Revenge is self destructive. Retaliation means playing with the pain rather than trying to heal it. The day we forgive and move on in life, we will be stricken with an acute spasm of generosity. We don’t need to juice up our emotions to give back to the offender. If we pray for them and have placed our trust in God, then we shouldn’t feel the need to invite a negative force like vengeance into our lives, ever.

The modern, civilized clan of people approach the arbitrary man made institutions for seeking revenge. We all forget that in the court of the Lord, each sinner would get punished and each virtuous soul will get rewarded. But for that we need to have faith in the law of karmas which determines every soul’s destiny. The saying “whatever you plant, you shall harvest” shouldn’t just remain as a moral lesson taught to young kids. Rather we should become a living example for our children by practicing it.

A purified mind cultivates peace, holiness and greater strength in it.  An impure or weak mind can become consumed with planning an act of revenge. In life, our inner strength is put through its paces at various junctions where we have to choose between forgetting, forgiving and vengeance. Forgetting means denial of forgiveness. It is like keeping the revenge somewhere back of our mind. To overcome the rampage, we have to bless the offender with divine forgiveness, and only then we shall achieve nirvana. Always remember, the act of forgiveness is going to bring greater contentment to us rather than anyone else.

Saint poet Kabir has said “jhagra nitahi barayiye, jhagra buri balai; dukh upje chinta dahe, jhagra men ghar jai”. Always make an effort to avoid quarrel as it produces evil consequences; it creates suffering, consumes us with worries, and destroys our home. Forgiveness is the best solution to live in peace. If we would keep thinking of settling our scores with people, we would surely invite never ending anger, ego, anxiety, humiliation and bunch of other harmful feelings to our mind.  Such a negative set of self generated feelings will lead us into a cycle of hell and of darkness.

Josh Billings has said, “There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.” Let us not remain caged in the rage. We can cut out bitterness from our mind only by forgiving others. Forgiveness will decrease our burden and shall give us many reasons to smile, to prosper and to feel good. God can forgive millions of our mistakes and still keep blessing us, then why can’t we follow in the footsteps of our supreme Lord?

Goodbye Guilt!

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contributed by Norm Breaker, Jessica Taylor

Most people carry with them burden of guilt. Guilt has deep roots and it can become like a virus that infiltrates every aspect of your life, so that all your responses to life and others are filtered through that guilt.  This guilty feeling can be either due to something you have done or from believing you are just a body that is separate from others.  There is earned guilt and unearned guilt. Earned guilt stems from acknowledging you have committed a wrongdoing. Guilt’s unpleasant feeling is a strong motivator to right that wrong. The remedy to earned guilt is forgiveness, either self-forgiveness or forgiveness from the person we wronged.  Unearned guilt, however, comes from baseless beliefs buried in the subconscious mind about how you are supposed to behave in order to be considered a “good person.” These beliefs are instilled in us from childhood and vary from family to family and culture to culture.

Guilt is unproductive and can be deadly because you can get stuck there, in that negative emotion and self-berating story. You continue to feel bad hypnotizing yourself into truly believing that you are bad, and pumping out those negative energies into the world at large at the same time. It’s a form of self-abuse. You may think that you deserve to feel terrible, because of what you’ve done. Guilt, then, is nothing but a means of self-punishment. Guilt destroys your compassion for yourself, self-respect, self-worth, empowerment, and happiness. Guilt can eventually escalate into deep loneliness or emptiness.  And it leads you to actually hurt others in a similar way. If you’re going to suffer guilt, you want to make sure others suffer it too! But just as prisons don’t rehabilitate people who’ve broken the law, guilt doesn’t do anything to make you a better person. It doesn’t help you at all. In fact, it harms you. If you do “wrong”, don’t allow it to destroy you. Acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them, make any necessary amends, and move on stronger and wiser as a result.

The ultimate antidote for guilt is forgiveness.  You must learn to forgive yourself, for there is no amount of guilt you can impose on yourself that will undo what has been done. The forgiveness neutralizes the guilt, wipes the slate clean and you can allow yourself to go on to become a better person.  Trade in your guilt for remorse! Remorse is empowering. It gives you power over your life. Guilt makes you a helpless victim of yourself. Where remorse is productive, guilt is only destructive. In every way, guilt decreases the well-being of the world.

Here are some BTN tips for saying goodbye to your guilt:

1. Where the heck is this coming from? Decipher why you feel guilty and if your guilt is earned or unearned.  Guilt works best to help us grow and mature when our behavior has been hurtful to others or ourselves. If we feel guilty for saying something means to another person, that’s a warning sign with a purpose: change your behavior or else risk losing your friends or family. This is known as “healthy” or “appropriate” guilt because it serves a purpose in trying to help redirect our moral or behavioral compass.

2. I’m sorry! Please forgive me! Take action to right the wrong sooner rather than later. While many of us are gluttons for self-punishment, ongoing guilt will eventually weigh us down as we try and forge ahead in life.  While sometimes we already know the lesson guilt is trying to teach us, it will return time and time again until we’ve actually learned the lesson. The sooner we learn the lesson, the sooner we can move on with our life.

3.  Oops! I’m only human. If you did something wrong or hurtful, you need to accept the fact  that you cannot alter the past. But you can modify your behavior, if and when it’s necessary.  Apologize, or make-up for the inappropriate behavior in a timely manner, but then let it go. Obsessing about it, and not seeking any type of redemption (such as apologizing, or changing one’s negative behavior) keeps the bad feeling going. Accept and acknowledge the hurtful behavior, make your changes, and then move on.

4.  Lesson learned! – There no use in feeling guilty unless you learn something from it.  The feeling of guilt is trying to get our attention so that we learn an important lesson from the experience.  If there is a lesson to be learned from our behavior, find out what it is and quickly move away from the feelings of guilt.  If your guilt isn’t trying to rectify an actual mistake you made in your behavior, then there’s not a whole lot to learn.

5. Nobody’s perfect. Striving for perfection in any area of your life is somewhat of a recipe for failure, since perfection is unattainable.   Nobody is perfect, even our friends or family members who appear to lead seemingly perfect, guilt-free lives.  We make mistakes and there are no exceptions.  You must learn to forgive yourself and don’t waste precious days, weeks or months, wallowing in guilt and self-blame. Things happen the way they are supposed to and the mistake you made was meant to be made to teach you something.

Guilt can be a difficult emotion to deal with but it is in place for a purpose.  If you don’t utilize the feeling of guilt and turn it around for your benefit, then it is a waste of your precious energy and time.  Getting stuck in the guilt is counter- productive and will only make you miserable.  Forgive yourself, amend any negative behavior, learn from your mistake and say goodbye to your guilt!


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A beautiful Subconcious

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Contributed by Chandresh Bhardwaj

The most underutilized power, so far, has been the power of our mind. If used properly, it can create miracles. It has the power to assert our capabilities to the fullest. Most of us use this power in an unconscious manner in our daily affairs. The only problem is our ignorance about this vast resource of success within us. Our ignorance has left us with little control over our own mind. As a result, we do and say certain things for which we come to regret later on. Having the knowledge of mind power will lead to a better and more successful life. By giving it sufficient time and practice every day, we can control our mind, and then begin a journey of well-deserved happiness and success. Now let’s take some time out from our so-called busy lives, and see what exactly this powerhouse is all about!

The human mind is divided into the conscious and subconscious mind. In our daily life, we think with our conscious mind. When that thinking becomes habitual, it starts sinking deep into our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is creative, and if we put thoughts of success in it, then success will occur. If we put thoughts of negativity, then negativity will occur.  The subconscious mind may be very smart, but it’s not smart enough to know what is right or wrong. So, whatever thoughts we put into it, the subconscious begins to execute it indiscriminately.   Negative, as well as positive thoughts flourish in the subconscious mind, and sooner or later, they turn into actions. Success is inevitable if we began to think and feel in the right way. We all have this abundance of power in us. Now the question is how to use this power in an effective manner.

We can make our subconscious power work for us through the following ways:

  • Visualization
  • Auto Suggestion

Visualization:  Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than intelligence.” This method works on the same principle. It involves seeing your goal as a full-fledged image in your mind. The idea and thought that you create in your mind, through visualization, will come true only if you are truly faithful to it. By being faithful, I mean that you should never think that the thought you are visualizing is false or not yet real. You have to put complete faith into it. You have to believe that it is happening in a real manner in your mind. This process of visualization creates a certain impression in your mind and these impressions turn into facts and experiences.

Let me explain this with an example. Suppose your goal is to be a very successful person in life. First, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a very relaxing place. Imagine yourself sitting in front of the sunrise on a beach. Doing this for 10 or 15 minutes will help you relax your mind. Now, in the middle of your eyebrows with your eyes still closed, start imagining yourself as the most successful person on earth. See your name on the front page of newspapers. See yourself getting honored by the top people of the country. Visualize yourself in everything that corresponds with your definition of success. The more intensity and faith you put in your visualization, the sooner you will get the result. Don’t ever confuse visualization with daydreaming. Nobody has ever accomplished anything by daydreaming because it doesn’t involve the laws of cosmic mind power. Day dreaming is just a temporary picture of our desires with no intensity in it, and it ends with the passage of time.

Auto Suggestion:  This method has created miracles in peoples’ lives. Its base is to replace all negative thoughts with positive ones. As aforementioned, we have to be aware of what we say because it just might come true. In this method, we suggest to ourselves the best things possible. In a way, we hypnotize our mind to think only positive things. An example will make this method more clear. Suppose you want to study very well. First, relax your mind by imagining yourself in a very peaceful place, just like in the previous method. After that, say in your mind; “I develop and  use effective study habits. I take interest in my studies. I enjoy studying very much. I correct my bad study habits. I am the best student.” Repeating this everyday for 15 or 20 minutes will create a layer in your subconscious mind which will create the circumstances to study in an excellent manner. You can practice these exercises anytime, but the best time is when you wake up in the morning, and before you go to sleep. While doing it at night, it’s best if you fall asleep while practicing this, because while you are asleep, your subconscious mind will absorb all of your thoughts.

This article is a very brief introduction to mind power. This subject is so vast that a series of books have been written on it. We can overcome any challenge and solve any so-called problems with the help of our mind power. From relationships to health problems, it has a solution for everything. The conscious mind may suggest a lot of things, but 90 percent of our mind is subconscious. So let the pictures and thoughts of everything you want sink into your subconscious mind. Always remember, you are the master of your fate. You are the creator of your destiny. So choose love, choose happiness, and choose success!