Oh worries, I have a God!

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

contributed by Norm Breaker, Anchal Mahajan

All kids love being thrown in the air and getting caught. They love the time when their daddy lifts them, twirl them, swing them upside down in their arms and toss them in the air. These activities bring endless laughter and non-stop good cheer to them. Rather than having the fear of falling, kids find it as a fun game. So, did we ever wonder why? The reason is that little children know very well that their daddy won’t ever drop them. As they start growing, gradually with time they enter a phase, where trust and belief banishes fear and doubt. Fear of falling or being dropped is replaced by the blind faith they develop towards their parents.

We all are children of the Almighty. We all are living under the divine shadow which is indeed the most protected place in the cosmos. God does feel concerned when we have to face hard times. Like all parents he too wants us to learn, to bloom, to grow and to prosper. When there is a trouble brewing in our lives, it doesn’t mean God is asleep; rather he is making us strong, as he has greater plans for us than we can ever imagine. So why can’t we place the same trust in God like those little ones enjoying the toss in the air?

There are many issues in our everyday life that cause us to worry. Factors like meeting deadlines at work, adequate healthcare, family issues, job security, or children’s lifestyle, can blind us with worry. Where does this worry lead our minds to? Doubt, fear and worry paralyze our minds and no matter how much we bite our nails about the problem, such restless mind can never reach a solution. In these circumstances many start doubting God’s existence and often our faith gets shaken.

Here, I would like to narrate a wonderful story which I heard from my guru recently. Some time ago an old woman went to visit her guru at his ashram. The guru was delighted to see her after a long time but he noticed a remarkable change in the woman’s behavior. Later in the evening he asked her, “Is something bothering you my child?” The woman didn’t answer. Guru sat silently near her and waited for her response. After a while the woman said “Guru ji, I am very worried!” The woman told him about her son who is planning to get married. She told him “Each day Guruji I pray to God to bless me with a daughter-in law who should take care of me in old age, who should treat me well, and shouldn’t avoid my health issues”. Guru said “My child, you seem to be fit as a fiddle.”  The woman replied “Guru ji when I will turn old I will definitely face health problems like everyone and might also get mistreated by this new girl in the family .”

Guru thought for a while and then said

Chinta Aisee Dakini, Kat Kaleja Khaye
Vaid Bichara Kya Kare, Kahan Tak Dawa Lagaye

The woman looked puzzled. The guru replied “Poet Kabir in this Doha (couplet) says worry is like a bandit which will keep robbing one’s heart and eats up the inner peace till the time it resides there. Such discontented heart will create a lot of chaos in the mind and shall also destroy the vitality of the man. From where should the poor doctor get medicine for such disease?” The woman got edgy and said “Guruji I am not worrying over any trivial issue! God is not helping me and even you do not understand depth of my problem” Guru smiled, took a deep breath and said “I wish God doesn’t listen to this prayer.” Woman was flabbergasted!

The answer guru gave her at that point changed her life forever. He said “If you fear, your son’s wife won’t respect you, won’t take care of you in dark days. Do you know dear, negative thoughts always reap negative actions? When you think such terribly negative things, you automatically give more power to negativity. Even though the girl would turn out to be a wonderful lady, but your anxiety would keep reassuring you that you are being neglected as you always thought. My child, above all, worry has consumed your mind so badly that you are asking Lord to give you bad health because everyone is getting sick around you or so that your daughter in law should care for you? ” Woman got perplexed. She didn’t realize her worried mind was praying for her own ill health and sorrow. The woman understood she didn’t trust God’s wisdom and will; instead she was asking something awful for her family. She felt guilty for doubting the power of Holy Spirit. Guru went inside the ashram and left her with the lesson.

Dean Hawkes, a renowned British academic has said; “Half the worry in the world is caused by people trying to make decisions before they have sufficient knowledge on which to base a decision.” Only a mind free of anxiety can make a right judgment. By worrying we don’t just hamper our minds growth but also create negative vibes for our family and friends. A worried husband shall make his wife too upset and gradually his kids would get affected by the negative ambiance in the house. The cycle of spreading these dark forces is slow but very long lasting, as getting worried also becomes a habit or an addiction in many cases.

Worry wears away our faith in God and his plans. Claiming in front of millions of people that we trust our Supreme Lord is as easy as pie, but when we have to struggle through our own challenges, we often loose our heads. It’s a cinch to talk about believing in God; however the real test comes when we are asked to keep our faith during tough times.

In life often things never work out the way we want them to but things always work out in the end. We need to have faith to our core in the Creator of this cosmos. Rather than letting worry attack us, we should always be on the brink to nullify the worry. We need to identify the reason for worry at an early stage, pray to God, place our trust in his plan, and enjoy the ride of life. For such calmness we should practice meditation. Meditation nurtures our heart and mind; also enables us to enjoy God’s presence. Then the next time we are in a dilemma, we don’t need to tell ourselves, “Oh God! I have worries!” rather we should smile and say, “Oh worries! I have a God!”


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