Remaining Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

contributed by Norm Breaker, Jessica Taylor

You cannot appreciate the tranquility of a calm sea until you have been in the eye of a raging storm. Sometimes in life you arrive at situations that can shake your foundation and object to every comfort you have known. It is really during times like this when your character is challenged and inevitably, changed.  Life can be unfair and unexpected, at times, but it is essential to face whatever crisis you have attracted into your life and come out stronger…lessons learned. It is when the storm is raging that you have the greatest lessons to learn and mostly about yourself.  The key is to remember that you cannot control your circumstances but you always have complete power over your own thoughts and actions.

The anecdote to any crisis of life is to always remain in a calm, non-reactive state. When any form of intensity comes your way, whether from another person or from the conditions of life, you simply do not react. That not only brings a level of peace to the situation, but  also allows an opportunity for attracting positive conditions.  Words are powerful and have tremendous impact, whether positive or negative.  And, once words are spoken, they are out there…not to be taken back.  The same goes for actions, which are impossible to undo! When you react negatively to a negative situation, you are essentially handing over your power to negativity and the outcome will most definitely be negative.  Reactions arise from a place that is usually defensive and instinctual based on how you handled a similar situation in your past. Use your energy instead to respond.  Before exerting a drop of your energy, stop… take a few deep breaths, take an inventory of your emotions and thoughts existing in the present, then respond accordingly.  Responding allows your mind to be open and alert, allowing you to trust yourself to recognize what’s happening in the now, both offensively and defensively.

Always, a calm response and action to a “negative” situation will reveal an overflow of positive events related to the original circumstance. This is the illusive miracle of life that has been currently lost to our outer perceptions!  When you encounter an external obstacle in life,  look within yourself and discover an opportunity for incredible inner growth and transformation. When you take the effort to acknowledge that potential for growth, outer problems dissolve and new opportunities emerge.  And, riding the waves of the storm will absolutely teach you invaluable life lessons! Whether or not you are aware of this or willing to accept it, you attracted this situation into your life for a reason…to acquire some hidden knowledge about who you are and what you are made of.  Instead of panicking and splashing around, learn how to navigate the rough terrain and you will emerge from it all the more wiser and stronger.

To be calm and non-reactive is the optimum way to live your life. It enables right perception, being virtually undisturbed by the progressions of life, and allows for right decision making, which paves a way towards genuine happiness and success. Remaining calm aims for better health,  more quality interactions with others and a finer attunement to the unspoken language of the Universe.  Greater opportunities and possibilities will unfold for you as you come to know the flow of the sea of life.

  1. Gagan says:

    whenever we don’t react to adverse situation , we avoid making mistakes , so we not only become tolerant, patient but also more learned as these adverse events add up being our experience. During these testing we come to know of our friends and pseudofriends .

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