Send this Damn God back!

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contributed by Chandresh Bhardwaj

Call it the creation of my imagination or my repressed anger or just a random story I heard from some wise soul. The source doesn’t matter but the message does.

Once upon a time, God decided to visit the world. He saw the entire world praying to him and seeking His blessings. He descended to meet with his devotees. When he landed on earth, he went to the people who regularly visit sacred and holy places. He said, “I am God. You have been waiting for me and now I am here, finally.” The bewildered people stared at God, didn’t believe he was really who he said he was and ignored him. He went to a different country and did the same thing. But everyone either made fun of Him or ignored Him again. A group of religious people just dismissed him, saying; “You are not the God that we are told of. Our God is mighty and infinitely powerful. Please don’t disturb our daily prayers and go away.” Confused and surprised, God spoke to himself, “These are the same people who yearn for my blessing and now they won’t believe me!”

God being God himself, was struck by another great idea. He decided to go to the people who manage these sacred places, such as a priest. So, he went to a priest and explained to him that He is God and people don’t recognize him. As shocking as it sounds, God got same reaction from priest too. Then, he gathered all the priests and sages and explained them he is the real God and is planning to make frequent visits on Earth. Upon hearing this, the priests locked him up in a dark small room and made sure He could not come out. God’s level of confusion accelerated! Then, a wise old priest came to him and explained the whole situation. He said; “Listen, we all know you are God. But we have managed our lives so well without your help. We have managed to create hundreds of Gods and thousands of religions. Now, when people are in fear or sadness, they come to us and we explain to them that we can solve their problem. Their fear serves our institutions. Now, please don’t disturb the whole system. Let people be afraid of their existence. Let them believe that whatever they do in the name of fun is either stupid or a sin. Above all, never ever reveal that you are the only one God. It’s going to create a big problem in our long term planning. Don’t you dare disturb the religious system that we have created here! Now, please go back and let us run our lives as we do every day.”

In a sense, that is exactly what we do in terms of acknowledging God’s existence. We would rather live our lives our way and pretend like He is not here. He frequently visits our souls but we are too scared to believe that He is real and that He really lives in each one of us. God is everywhere, all the time, in everything. Don’t lock him away in a dark room and deny His existence.

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Heal’Thy’ Mind

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Contributed by Norm Breaker, Anchal Mahajan

In India, it is believed that a human being has to take a total of 84 lakh births before being born as a human. He starts with the lowest level of bacteria and moves up gradually as plants, animals and then as the developed type existing today. What makes him more efficacious than the other species on this planet is the ability to reason, the talent to question, the finesse to think rationally and the passion to hunt for elegant solutions. Thus, the greatest blessing to man from the Al Mighty is the human “Mind”, residing in our three pound brain. Whatever happens in this world begins with a thought hatched in the fountainhead of our brain!

The Power of thoughts- often we read or hear these four words from our spiritual gurus, motivational speakers or inspiring writers each day. The crystallized version of all positive thinking books ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne was on Amazon’s top 100 bestsellers list for over 1000 days. The data affirms that not only a handful of esoteric people but also a lot many of us are aware of this fact that each thought counts to shape our lives. Each thought that emanates from our mind moves to the universe and has a dynamic force to create what we desire, whether it is negative or positive.

We are always guided to think positively and asked to choose our thoughts carefully, but there is hardly anyone who tries to steer us to ‘conquer’ our negative thinking! It is tragic when people recommend us to stop ruminating when we are in a maze of doubt, which is quite an absurd idea because an organ like the brain cannot stop working or become dormant. The mind is a procreator of thoughts, perceptions, visions, consciousness, memory and imagination which can only desist at Samadhi or on death bed. Thus, the mind needs a great deal of groundwork to cultivate constructive thoughts.

In the first place, we need emotional untangling for personal growth and self development. To understand each emotion and to balance and integrate the head and heart is the most vital step towards removing the negativity from our minds. We need to acknowledge and make sense of our feelings so that we can accurately respond to them, but this requires a lot of tolerance and patience on our part.

The conditioned mind cannot be changed within a few days by babbling “think positive”; as a matter of fact it requires a lot of meditation, introspection, spiritual peace, avoidance use of negative words in our speech and effort to read inspirational books regularly to nurture our mind.

The mind conditioned to think negatively distracts us from our focus and drains our energy. Let’s take the example of a female sphex wasp who leaves her egg sealed in a burrow alongside a paralyzed grasshopper, which her lava can eat when lava hatches. But before bringing the grasshopper in the burrow, she leaves it at the entrance, inspects the burrow and then drags the grasshopper inside by its antennae. But Charles Darwin discovered that if the grasshopper’s antennae are removed the wasp will not drag it into the burrow, even though the legs could serve the same function as the antennae.

The above example explains how a slight change in the norm makes a human being fall into pieces. As human beings, we have the endowment to think perspicaciously and make better decisions; unfortunately we end up behaving like the female sphex wasp. It is the conditioning of our mind that dictates our perceptions of reality.

To gain control over the functioning of our thoughts, primarily we need to recondition the mind and stop behaving as if we were programmed. Indelibly, it is a slow process but once we start believing and practicing it religiously, we can decrease or eventually put an end to negative emotions and thoughts. When we start convincing ourselves not to follow certain type of behavior during adverse circumstances, we start heading in the vicinity of neutral ideation from the negative. This is a watershed moment in our lives as we bulldoze our way towards bringing a constructive change in our thought process.

When the snake charmer removes the poisonous fangs of the snake, his attitude towards the snake changes because although the snake remains the same, it hisses, shows the teeth, flicks its tongue, but there is no danger without it’s threatening poison. The snake charmer is now in full control, with no fear. Similarly, when we remove the poisonous fangs of negativity from our emotions, thoughts or consciousness, we become bodacious like the snake charmer and direct our mind towards optimism.

Quoting a beautiful saying by Guru Nanak Dev (the founder of Sikh faith) “Through shallow intellect, the mind becomes shallow, and one eats the fly, along with the sweets.” The Guru conveys a mesmeric message that a fly feeds itself on sweets, but when it consumes too much of it, the very sweetness becomes the reason for its death. Likewise, humans are controlled by a negative emotion called desire. This covetousness makes man selfish and kills the enrichment of mind. In the same way if we keep feeding our already conditioned mind with negative thoughts, the negativism would exterminate our peacefulness by making us feel suffocated and squelching our spiritual growth.

Make a wise decision from today to heal ‘thy’ mind by eliminating negativity and embracing a positive, proactive outlook towards life. In any case, it doesn’t mean that our life will become a bed of roses, but it will give us more fortitude, optimism and persistence to ameliorate the thorny phases of life.

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Letter to a revolutionary called Bhagat Singh

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Dear Bhagat Singh Ji, 

As they say that no word gets ever lost in universe. I hope that this letter also doesn’t get lost & the message reaches to you!

March 23rd, 1931 – The day when you left all of us at the mere age of 23, fighting for India’s independence. Every year on March 23rd, you become alive again in peoples’ thoughts. How I wish that you always remain alive at every moment! Today, no 23 year old has an iota of guts as yours. It seems as if  the daring and bravery also got hanged with you. Times have drastically changed.

Bhagat Ji, you struggled, sacrificed, and fought against all odds to get us freedom. Leaders like Nehru and Gandhi criticized you for using “the wrong way of attaining freedom”. You surrendered to British Raj without having second thought, thinking that you will dominate the British Government with your arguments, and if in case you are hanged, it will inspire generations and generations to stand for their rights. Sadly, things didn’t go as you expected. Yes, we got the so called freedom and we celebrate it ever year by observing holidays. The reality is that we have become even worse slaves than ever. The tragedy is that there is no Bhagat Singh Ji today to awake us from our endless slumber. In a way, it’s kind of positive that you are not here today otherwise you would have simply gotten frustrated to witness how horribly we are making use of the hard earned freedom.

The politicians today don’t want to serve the country; however, they don’t mind serving their Swiss accounts. The young generation, your biggest hope, is turning out to be worse and worse. They have no independent thoughts. They live in a fear of satisfying society norms and making sure they are “in”. Either they keep blaming destiny or simply decide not to do anything. If you give them a chance to speak about drawbacks in India, they will list many of them in a single breath. However, if you ask them to do anything about it, again, they list endless excuses in a single breath. Youngsters have become cowards more than they ever were. Their decisions are influenced by their favorite celebrity, or what is acceptable in society, or simply just “going with the flow”. The current education is making us even dumber by using its outdated philosophies and concepts but unfortunately everyone is dying to pursue it to ensure a “safe career”. The practical teachings are replaced by exams which every student forgets the moment he is done with it.

Bhagat Ji, send a message to this generation to start believing in them.  The generation today is becoming like a parrot who repeats what he is told to repeat, without using the brain. My letter is written out of angst toward the current situation. I had no other way to express it other than doing it this way. Hope it is heard by all who need to hear it the most.

Rest in peace.


A 21st century soul seeking a Bhagat Singh.

Silence says everything: Know your Guru

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Lately, I have been meeting a lot of self-proclaimed enlightened souls. The moment you meet them, they will show you their spiritual resume. They will tell you their meditation hours & how they are the best among all ignorant souls. The more they brag about their “power”, the further they are from enlightenment. So, how to know if you are near to the right or wrong Guru?

The first characteristic of an enlightened soul is that He is a man of few words. You might see him helping people or communicating with them but mostly He lives in His own world. You will never see Him talking about himself. He is neither egoistic, nor humble; He is just Himself! You will always feel attracted toward a spiritual soul. You will just want to be in His company & speak your heart out. Once you go near Him, you will feel like a child again. You will feel an enormous energy around Him. If you feel so, just know that you are close to your destination.

When you ask a sleeping person if he’s sleeping, and if he says, “Yes”, that means the answer is ‘No’. Spirituality is such phenomena. It is best answered in silence.

Monkey or Human? The choice is yours.

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While on my traveling in India, I was passing through a mountainous area. Besides the breathless beauty of huge mountains & lush green trees, a female monkey caught my attention who was carrying a baby monkey with her. I realized that the baby monkey looked dead & even its skin was coming out. Then, I came to know that the female monkeys are so attached to their babies that even after they are no more, they hold on to their dead bodies until they are completely worn out. Painful as it all sounds!

We humans are so much like monkeys too. We also cling ourselves to the things that are no more. The things that don’t exist bother us day & night. We think & over-think about things until they tear us out completely. We can expect something like this from monkey because it doesn’t have the facility or access to the knowledge base that we all humans do. Also, human is the only creature with potential to grow indefinitely in wisdom. Animals can’t do that. Our left leg is stuck in past & right leg is trying to get into future; that’s why we fall back in our present.

I’m not going to end this article with any conclusion. I leave it up to all those who are reading it right now. Do you want to utilize the benefit of being born as a human OR you want to keep encouraging the monkey in you?

You can never be dead.

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Once upon a time, there was a young kid of 10 year old. In midnight, his mother started looking for him. He was not in his room…not even in the house. Worried mother went to streets to look for him & finally found him sitting in a graveyard.

Mother asked him what he is doing in a graveyard at this wee hour of night. “Don’t you feel scared among these dead people’, mother said.  Kid replied, “If I feel scared of dead people, I would be scared during the day walking around everywhere. People are living a dead life. It’s in graveyard that I see people have finally appreciated the beauty of life. All the bodies here have realized the value of life & regret how they wasted their life. I’m meditating here to understand the depth of life so that I don’t live a dead life either.”  The kid continued, “this is a place to sit & understand the science of life. We finally have to come here. Then why waste our short life in monotonous things. Why get jealous of your own friend’s success? Why get angry everyday & regret later on? Why run after temporary things of life?”

The kid has given us the golden mantra of life that we can never be dead. If we understand the purpose of life & live it to the fullest, then we can never be killed. What gets killed is our individuality in our herd mentality. If we become aware & start living a non-programmed life, then each moment brings an undefined beauty.

P.S: The story might be my imagination but the lesson is not.

Dealing with Failure

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All of us want to be successful. All of us have big dreams. We all try very hard to achieve them. But on our way to achieving those dreams, if we face a failure, we just break down totally. Sometimes we don’t even feel like trying the same job again just because of the failure we faced in the previous attempt. And if we get up and start doing it, we are not able to put our 100% in it. Consciously or unconsciously, the fear of failure affects our performance. Students put so much effort in studying for exams, and if they end up getting a B or C, then they hardly look forward to next semester. If we stop doing everything just because of the fear of failing, then the world will come to an end. Then, what exactly should we do to overcome it? Let’s take some moments and see if we are able to conquer the failure or if failure would be able to conquer us!

Changing point of view: First of all, we have to stop looking at failure in a negative way. People tend to link failure with weakness, stupidity, and dumbness. I totally disagree with that. I believe if you are doing something, and you think you are just perfect in it, that means something seriously is going wrong with it. When a person thinks he is perfect, he has closed all doors for any growth or improvement. Whenever there is imperfection, there are million chances of improvement. A person keeps on growing, but a so called ‘perfect person’ just stops growing. He is in this illusion of being perfect which hinders his growth forever. Look at failure as another step toward success. Make yourself positive enough to see the good sides of failure.

Don’t label yourself a ‘failure’: If you fail in something, don’t think of yourself as a failure. It just means that you haven’t succeeded in doing the work you were doing. It means that you are only some steps away from achieving your goal. By labeling yourself as a failure you close the door for all possibilities of achieving success. Let me explain this with a beautiful example. There was a man who failed in business at the age of 21; was defeated in a legislative race at the age of 22; failed again in business at 24; overcome the death of his girlfriend at 26; had a nervous breakdown at 27; lost a congressional race at age of 34; lost a senatorial race at age 45; failed to become Vice President at the age 47; lost a senatorial race at 49; and was elected as the President of the United States at the age of 52! He was none other than Abraham Lincoln. He could have labeled himself a failure and ruin his whole life. Instead, he decided to ignore failure and fight against all odds.

Don’t behave like a machine: Always remember that only highly intelligent people face big failures. They are the ones who cannot get things done in a right manner in first attempt. The reason for this is very simple. A person who follows orders and fulfills them right away, without thinking, is like a machine. There is no difference between that person and a machine. You tell him something and he will do it. However, a successful person is very different. If you tell him to do something in a certain way, he will ask you why he can’t do it in other way. He will not follow your order blindly. He always say, “Why not the other way?” He always thinks different from crowd and that’s where he succeeds.

An average student will follow what his professor has to say. He will learn the whole book and his professor’s lecture word to word. But a genius-minded student would ask the professor so many questions about the whys and teh wherefores. His questions will be beyond the coursework.

That average student might end up getting a better grade than that genius student. But in long term, it will be that genius student whose name will be remembered for a long time. However, that average student remains average forever his life. So, stop thinking that you are a weak or dumb student if you end up getting a low grade in spite of asking so many questions in every class. Rather be proud of yourself that your mind is much more polished than other students in the class.

See what you have learned: When you fail to do something, look back and see how much you have learned. You will be surprised to see that you have learned so much that you would not have learnt if you succeeded in the first attempt. Thomas Edison failed approximately 10,000 times while he was practicing on the light bulb! When people asked him to quit this project, his reply was, “I have gotten lots of results! If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward….”
If you have this kind of attitude, there is no way why you won’t be successful. Every failure teaches you something. You just have to see what mistakes you made and learn from them. The more mistakes you make, the smarter you will become. Just don’t make the same mistake twice because that will make you stupid. Learn from your first mistake and don’t repeat it.

Never give up: No matter how people react to your failure, you should never ever give up. If you start giving up after your every failure, you will see that you will accomplish literally nothing in life. You will start doing something and will quit it forever after you fail in it. In this way, your skills will never be polished. Your dreams will never see the light of day.

Every success story is also a story of a great failure. The only difference is that the successful people never gave up. Instead, they bounced back with a much more energy and enthusiasm every time they failed. There was a partially deaf child who was expelled from school because his teachers considered him too stupid to learn. His mother decided to teach him and show everyone how intelligent her son is. Her son was none other than the great Thomas Edison. Edison had only three years of formal schooling.

Be patient: Don’t get discouraged if it is taking a little longer than you expected. The more time it will take the better performance it will give. Don’t think that you will never achieve your goal or you will never get you want. Failure might cause your goals a little delay but it doesn’t mean that you will never achieve them. It simply means that it will take just little longer. When Beethoven was young, everybody used to tell him that he has no talent for music. He knew that he will be the best composer after a considerable time. Today everyone knows that he gave the world some of the best music.

Finally, as I wrote in my previous articles, we need to update our dictionaries. We have to remove some of the words and change the meaning of some of them. ‘Failure’ is one of those words whose meaning needs to be changed. Today onwards, see failure as a chance to bounce back with full of energy. Look at failure as an opportunity to improve more and polish your skills. View your failure as a road to success. I am sure if you follow the above suggestions sincerely, then you will be one of those rare people who make it big no matter what circumstances are. All the best!

Anger Management

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Anger is present in all of us, though its intensity varies from person to person. Even though anger is almost always seen as a negative trait, expressing it once in a while is not a bad thing. If you cannot express anger, you will find it equally difficult to express other feelings such as love, because the repressed anger will surface.

Angry people express hostility they have toward you, which makes you aware of the harm they could possibly inflict. For this reason, you do not fear the person. But you need to be concerned about the people who never get angry with you. Most likely, this person has been repressing their feelings and one day will burst like a volcano. I am not encouraging anger here. What I am saying is that anger is an emotion that needs to be managed properly.

So what needs to be done? How can we get rid of anger without repressing it?

• Understand the science behind your feelings. You don’t have to behave in an aggressive manner just because you have done so in the past. Life is spontaneous and ever-changing, so live in the present and be mature enough to grow out of conditioned behavior.

• Remember that no one in the world lives by your expectations. Realize that you needn’t be angry if others don’t do what you expect.

• Instead of getting angry at your problems, see them as challenges and opportunities, which are essential for your growth as a human being.

However, if this advice does not seem to work for you, take note of the following anecdote, which talks about a father and his short-tempered son. One day, the father gives his son 100 nails and tells him to nail them each to a wall, then take them out one by one. It takes the son forever to accomplish this as the nails are fixed deeply into the wall. Frustrated, the son asks the father the purpose of wasting his time with this silly act. His father explains that the nails are representative of anger. It’s easy to put nails in the wall but taking them out is very hard. In addition, even after you take all the nails out they leave behind a mark. The same situation applies to anger. It’s very easy to behave violently when angry. The hard part is to bring back the trust and love you had with the person beforehand. Even after you apologize, things are often not the same and your anger has left a painful impression. The son certainly learned his lesson,. The question is, have you?