BTN Meditation Approach

We all function at a certain level of awareness but most of us are in a state of  non-awareness. We are unaware of the tiny, yet powerful things happening within us. If we witness the non-stop circulation and exchange of energy taking place in our own consciousness, we would be aware that we hold the creative power to manifest everything at our command. The engine of our enlightenment or soul is running via our consciousness. Our consciousness functions at a level of deep awareness.  If you witness your consciousness, observe it continuously and pay attention to the subtle ways in which it communicates with you, you will literally be capable of taking control of your own destiny.

The BTN meditation technique helps you to connect to your consciousness. BTN meditation does not make you resist your negative emotions but rather enables you to accept everything as it is, thus creating a receptive aura in you. We don’t reach our full potential because we depend on knowledge from books and other information attained through external sources, thus only creating external awareness. BTN meditation will open the door of your deeper mind and help you discover your true essence therefore igniting the roots of your creativity.  Our technique helps you to create awareness within your conscious and subconscious mind which eventually leads to a higher level of consciousness.

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